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What is a "Rape Shield"

I'm not here to insult anyones intelligence, but to merely try and educate, or bring to light some details that residents of Wetzel County and the surrounding areas are not aware of. I'm asking you to go to your favorite search engine and look up Rape Shield. Mine was Google. Fourth one down the list hit home for me. Check them all out. In a nutshell my upcoming trial August 31st in Wetzel County is in jeapordy because of this "rape shield". It is apparent that countless other innocent people in the U.S.A. become vitims themsleves because of the "rape shield". Our Sixth Amendment Right as citizens is to have a fair trial by jury. This is not possible when the jury can not hear both sides of the story? The Rape Shield in place protects the victim too much! The alleged victim or their stories are not always the truth, but damning evidence against the victim can not be heard because of the shield. I'm facing 50 years because of lies. Please don't let this inju


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