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Journalism Today (the perpetual fix)

When I was a little kid there were two Wetzel County newspapers(Wetzel Democrat and Wetzel Republican. Today there is one and it's editorial political views represent the latter, not the former. Back then news comentators for the three major networks, for the most part, kept their politacal beliefs to themselves and never made them part of their news broadcast. Today, they clearly state their political beliefs along with the news and those opinions seldem if ever represent the Democratic Party. The stock phrase, the liberal media, as Judy Woodriff admitted, is clearly a canard. People like Diane Sawyer (Nixon's secretary), David Gergen (Reagan's advison, and Wolf Blitzer(Pat Robertson's golden boy) have infiltrated the journalistic profession with a clear agenda-let's never give the two party system a fair shake, let's do all we can for the GOP. The news is now not a means of bringing information to the public but a scheme to control the political beliefs of the masses.


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