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2142 days ago.
by moodus

The WC Animal Shelter is a Sham

My husband and I recently submitted an application to adopt a pet from the Wetzel County Animal Shelter. From beginning to end the experience was a total disaster. Personally, I have never been treated so badly in my life! After spending some time with the animal we were considering, we decided to fill out an application. Afterwards, I asked the lady behind the desk if there was anything else we needed to do. She informed me in a not-so-nice tone that all I could do is look at a dog until the application went through. We disclosed that we owned our home, had a fenced in yard and a vet on-call but I guess that isn't what they are looking for in a pet owner. To date we have not heard from anyone at the overcrowded animal shelter. I feel sorry for all the dogs that make that place their temporary home. With a nasty staff that hand picks their new families instead of evaluating the applications properly, they don't stand a chance!!!


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I wrote quite a while ago and I will write again...I worked for this shelter for over 2 years and witnessed the many abused/neglected animals that are turned in/abandoned, etc. that these ladies deal with on a daily basis. Before it upsets you that indoor kept dogs is a problem, think about where these animals came from. Some come from people who think it is okay to keep a SOCIAL creature alone, all the time, outdoors. This is one thing they will not bend on and rightly so. Take a trip out there. Watch the hard, thankless work they all do. Animals SHOULD be kept inside and be PART OF THE FAMILY...So maybe it was that this was a problem? Either way, these fur angels deserve love, safety and to be family. NOT outside alone!

Posted 2142 days ago.


Sadly from my own experience I found out that only people that will keep the animal indoors will be considered for approval.

Posted 2171 days ago.

I don't think most people take into consideration of what the staff do for the animals in their care. Most dogs come in being abused/neglected in some way and they are trying to achieve the best home they can to rehome them in. If you were that upset about the process/people, call them...ask why you were not accepted. I am quite sure you will get your answer. Just don't blame the overworked and underpaid staff that try their best to help the voiceless, homeless angels they care for. Before you blame them, why not go and find out exactly what they have to deal with on a daily basis! There has to be something that was seen or discovered that may have caused this to happen to you. Investigate instead of blame!

Posted 2498 days ago.


i think their maybe more to the story that pineapplerush is letting on. i too have had only good experiences with the shelter.

Posted 2517 days ago.


I have adopted from Wetzel County Animal Shelter four times and have found the people there to be helpful, friendly, and devoted to the animals that have been placed in their care. Those who make it to that little shelter have reached and oasis of compassion that exists for them in too great a desert of disregard. The people there are careful about the adoptive and rescue placements they make with their pets. I have had nothing but repeated good experiences with them.

Posted 2518 days ago.

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