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2441 days ago.
by WCReporterLauren

Comments to "Letters to the Editor"

Since when does this newspaper allow anonymous comments the “letters to the editor”? A person may write a legitimate letter expressing their own opinions with their names published. Then “fly by night” trolls may interject attacking and idiotic responses without disclosing their own names. Very short sighted and inconsiderate to letter writers, Wetzel Chronicle !


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Hi minuteman, That was purely accidental on my part. When I update the website every Wednesday, letters to the editor are required to have a checkbox unchecked when they are being uploaded. This ensures that no one is able to comment. I had forgotten to uncheck a few of them. We usually do not have the comment option checked. I'm sorry for any issues that might have caused. The situation should be rectified now though. - Lauren

Posted 2441 days ago.

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