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Breaking into homes with it occupied?

The desperation that it takes to have no fear of knowing...KNOWING someone is home and you are still willing to break in to steal whatever it is (usually money…for drugs)is quite unnerving to me. Am I the only one that feels this way? The once sleepy little town with minimal police activity is long gone and we all face being at risk! I for one am overloaded with security and I still am not 100% secure in my thinking of being secure and or safe. However, there are many who still believe it is okay to leave their homes and vehicles unlocked. I think those people need to open their eyes and see what is REALLY going on here in New Martinsville. So, we all know drugs have always been around, but the latest versions thereof have made some think of nothing but getting their fix and if it takes breaking into homes with the occupants there, then we all need to take a step back and think of what needs to be done...Any thoughts?


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