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NMS Junior Football

As a parent of one of the kids playing I have to express my anger at the utter amount of bias that is going on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th grade teams. It's absolutely ridiculous. Kids are being left to stand with little participation even at practice. It is causing kids to become discouraged and that makes me angry. My little guy has 2 TD's this year and last game as the "first string" kids were being tackled for a loss almost every play they only gave the ball to my boy twice which resulted in 14 yards gained. Then they sat him on the bench. And it's not just my kid, kids with a lot of talent are not being given opportunities and training even at practice. It's sad, the amount of pandering going on to a few "select" kids and it's costing the team dearly. He is the fastest kid on the team. I have parents asking me why they wont play him and I have no clue why. I really do "wonder" why?


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