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SInce the Economy is bad should crime be ignored?

How can it be when a person (s) harvests Marijuana in open site with young children present, not to be charged with felony counts? Recently, being present during such an incident, the law enforcement officer looked at the plants and claimed he was not sure if they were actual Marijuana plants. The officer questioned the occupants. The female stated she had no idea what was growing on her property, but her boyfriend admitted that the plants were his. The officer stated he believed the female was being truthful, and she did not know the illegal plants were there. He told the manager of the complex he did not want to see her evicted because she was pregnant. He furthermore said the boyfriend was being truthful, and the officer also mentioned the economy. My question is since the economy is bad, are illegal activities to be overlooked, because this is the interpretation I am getting from the law enforcement officers statements?


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