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2.8 SQ MILES Please read .

there is an open council meeting friday Aug 5 at please if u have questions about or have comment about drilling in 2.8 sq miles (THATS WHAT THE CITY IS), and u live here drink the city h2o, come with ur comments. i just now (10:15 am) talked to the mayor. she wants and needs imput from ALL of us. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do not be afraid to speak. Please. i feel that the drillers are using the city as a control issue. they do not want anyone one or group not letting them have their way, and will not stop at threats against those who do. i am in favor of drilling, responsibally. that is not an issue for me. done correctly and responsibly it can be a very good thing. why would large companys with wells all over the state be concerned with 2.8 sq miles. there is, i feel, a bigger picture here. when they decided to start scare tatics is when i became suspicious. Please attend. these comments are mine, not the mayors.


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