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govt's waste of money

i saw a sign at the high school all summer that any children under 21, or maybe it was 18 as i read it quickliy in passing everyday could receive a free breakfast every morning... now i see in the paper today that the high school has to offer a 2nd breakfast every morning an hr later than the first because some kids might not be hungry at the first one but might be an hour later.... what about lunch?... what if kids arent hungry at designated time?... and while we're at it why dont we pay for the school to offer dinners to kids also, what if they are hungry?... we cant have kids going hungry because as we all know its not the parents responsibility anymore to take care of their kids but its US the gov't... and any kid who shows up continually hungry should not have anyone go and ask the parents WHY... because it is now the GOVT'S responsibility to take care of all kids needs....long live BIG GOV'T


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