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What happen to wetzel county?????

I have lived in wetzel county all my life. I'm so disappointed in the sheriffs department. I talked with a lady that is going threw h***. Her husband and son are both in jail over a fight at walmart on june 13 2011. Between the son and another boy. The father seen the fight and broke it up. But now he sets in jail too. What is this county coming too? While his wife and daughter are being harrassed by the other boy. The police do nothing to the boy for the things he is doing to this family. Cause it would cost to much to investagate. Well isn't it costing a lot to keep them in jail? The lady would have bailed them out but she can't afford $20,000. cash only on both. I don't know anyone that just has $40,000. laying around to give away. What ever happen to inocent until proven guilty? 35 days in jail and no preliminary hearing. Where is the justice in that? I have also heard that the boy has family on the sheriffs department. Is that why this boy thinks he can do anything he wants?


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