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How About Enforcing a Little Decency?

I am so tired of seeing the fithy language and downright *****graphic images on people's vehicles. Have you noticed how much worse this has gotten recently? I was coming down the road through New Martinsville and got behind one vehicle with a silhouette of a nude woman straddling the chevy logo on the rear window. Then one that was apparently owned by a woman who was proud to be a "female dog." After that car turned off, I was behind a truck with a large fake scrotum hanging from the rear bumbper. Lastly, I saw a bumper sticker that went so far as to use the "f" word, alongside others that were almost as lewd. I feel sorry for anyone with a child just learning to read. I can't imagine a child sounding out some of these words while riding in the car. I don't expect everyone to follow the same standard of speech as I do. However, I do expect them to at least keep it to themselves till in the privacy of their own home or a private conversation away from the ea


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