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If you were the judge.........

if you were the judge in an embezzelment case. here are the facts: a lady, say in her 60's lends a "helping hand" to old folks in thier 80's. part of this helping hand lady helped herself to the old folks bank account, thier life savings. i call that evil greed. but, but the story goes further. the helping hand lady wasn't content with just plain old lifes, no,no. the helping hand lady used the old folks social security numbers to open up credit lines. i mean, before the life savings were depleted they had great credit, because they were from a generation that disn't believe in credit. so the helping hand used the credit lines to charge charge charge. there was more charging than at a bullfight and san juan hill combined. charge, yes charge. now the tables are turned and she got charged, charged by the law, charged by god. i know god has a special place for such helping hands. BUT, if you were the judge,you know the charge whats the sentence.tell me your honor.. doc justice


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