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St. Marys sex offender

In 2004 a Pleasants county BOE employee was convicted of 3rd degree sexual assault for having a sexual relationship with an underage student. This individual is a registered sex offender with the State Police. On Saturday night, I saw this individual in attendance at a High School Girls basketball game. His presence at the game was sickening, but what is even more disgusting and really paints a picture of the community is the fact that the High School principal and other BOE members were having joyous conversation with him while the cheerleaders performed in front of them. I guess because he was considered a good coach, it gives him a free pass to have inappropriate relations with children. Does the safety of our children not matter anymore? What happened to the duty of educators to protect our children from the risk of harm while at school or school functions? Am I alone in the thought that this is wrong and inexcusable?


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