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F U Ain't in Pain, Don't Complain

U think Glen Higgins,Freda Bell and Rex Adams, each close to 92 haven't seen bad times? Glen, hotshot telegrapher, as was my dad; they used to telegraph each other in Morse Code, aint seen the rain? or Rex, greatest mechanic in Wetzel Co., who fixed everyone's cars; a very religious man, or Freda, we disagree politically, but she used to go to church with me and arrange my ride to Catecism classes, u think she never hurt with the three score years of hard work she's done. This new newspaper writer crowd: They're still wet behind the ears and I don't know if they ever saw the rain. Pain and sadness, that's guaranteed. We need to honor and cherish our beloved senior citizen I mentioned above- they'd never lie to u.


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