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Where is the outrage?

The residence of Wetzel County amaze me!!! After what I read on the front page of the Chronicle (sept 22), regarding the Grand Jury indictments, I thought sure that the good people of Wetzel County would be outraged!!! Do you really feel the Chronicle has the right to exploit your children??? Do you really think it is okay for the Chronicle to give all the gory details in the Grand Jury indictments for the people charged with sexual abuse??? Read this carefully.....not only did they print the details, they as much as, printed the child's age! Count one indicts Hoover with the felony offense of sexual assault in the third degree in that he, being 16 years old or more, allegedly had sexual contact with the mouth of a female child born in 1995, and who was not married to Hoover, with his sex organ. In another section, they printed a 7-year-old's initials!! I spoke with someone at the Chronicle who thought this was FUNNY!! Is this really OK with the residents of Wetze


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