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Town and Country Fireworks display

I am writing about last night's fireworks at Town and Country Days. Most people don't think about anything beyond how loud and colorful they are. This was the first time they shot them off. Now, did anyone think about where they were shot off and how close this was to our animal shelter? Of course not...A few of us went out to help try to calm the dogs and cats down from the booming explosions going off right over their heads that was so loud there was nothing except howling and panting and saliva and screaming from these poor creatures! Do you think THEY enjoyed the fireworks? I think not! This should have NEVER been put up there behind the shelter!! How thoughtless and ignorant people are..all for the wow factor. Maybe you could think of others before yourselves next time? I say get rid of this or, at least move it to another location. I think they need to re-think their fireworks for next year! I believe the spending of this money to build the road could've been used elsewhere.


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