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WELL WELL WELL...NEW MARTINSVILLE'S FINEST HAVE STRUCK AGAIN....and what a group of Losers..We have A Stalker,(actually, MORE THAN ONE,-he hasn't gotten caught yet), multiple UNFAITHFULS that can be seen at any given time parked in a driveway on Virginia St., SEVERAL that have placed a GUN to their own heads when caught in "compromising" situations, some that bust kids for drugs..and actually KEEP IT!! WHY HASN'T LUCILLE BLUM GOTTEN RID OF JUST ABOUT ALL OF THEM AND STARTED OVER???? a swat team?? a special response team?? GIVE ME A BREAK. During any given shift...YOU WILL FIND MOST PULLED OVER TALKING ON THEIR CELL PHONES, OR MEETING ANOTHER WOMAN...Oh yea....I feel safe...With tese ******** ABOVE THE LAW, why wouldn't you?????


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