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You don't always get what you want

I'm always calling my friends and family members when I need to vent about my rich girl roommate until I found the message board and decided to take my anger out on writing. She's the youngest of three girls from Baltimore, Maryland. In the beginning, my boyfriend and a good friend of ours thought she was quite the sweetheart for being brought up wealthy. That's until she started showing her true side. Yes, I felt like I was starting high school all over again. Great. I have enough stress in my life with college and now I've got to deal with her bull*****attitude. You know it's all about give and take. I guess Mommy and Daddy never dropped the "Giving" bomb on her yet. The way it goes, we use my freg and her t.v. Well I should correct myself on that one, there's NO WE when talking about her t.v. She has never ever asked what I wanted to watch. Then she uses my freg and hangs pictures and*****on it. It's gonna take a couple of these to really get it all out of my system.


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