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Hey Mr. President, What Did That HealthCare Thing Just Cost Me?

Let's see, WV has roughly 250,000 uninsured people right now. All of those people will, at sometime in the near future, be added to the WV Medicaid rolls. In the US, the average Medicaid recipient costs the program $5682 per year. We'll round that down to $5000. Multiply the 1st by the 2nd and you get 1.25 BILLION dollars. The federal government will cover up to 60% of that so that STILL leaves us $500 MILLION dollars to come up with. There are, by state figures, 919,520 taxpayers in the state. Divide that 3rd number by the 4th one and you come up with $543.76 for each and every taxpayer in the state...IF the US government comes up with their share. OH...that's right, they're gonna want me to kick in on that amount too! And that's all just for starters.


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