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To All of the Mistreated Residents of Doolin Run Road

I would like to begin this with a great big THANK YOU for the dummy w/ the noose around its neck telling us big bad drillers to "Go Home or You Will Die". Its very comforting to know that you poor people, who by the way, are benefiting from the economic infusion we have brought, have such hatred towards progress, economic stimulation, and YES, respect that we have brought to this town. As a new contributor to your illustrious town I must say that this is a total insult to everyone who has had the misfortune of being transferred to NM. We keep your hotels filled, your gas stations, restaurants, shopping centers, etc. full, not to mention the benefit NM has been afforded due to the taxes all of the big bad natural gas exploration companies pay to your town; along with the numerous contributions made by the purchases of your prize livestock, cakes, crap, etc. on behalf of GOOD WILL - YES PEOPLE - GOOD WILL - too bad I can't write anymore - I know this bias paper wouldn't print


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