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Kids these days and there cell phones!!

This has been bothering me for awhile kids and their phones!! Kids text way to much and they have no communication skills.. I think its good for kids to have phones for emergencies or if the parents have to get ahold them ,but for kids to set for hours and txt is un called for. I know i was a gulity parent not to long ago about letting my child have complete control of their phone and not setting limits on how much time they r txting.I think parents need to check what their chidern r txting and sending on their phones.I know all of this texting is not good for theses childern ther is so much drama between kids now a days because of the phones for example someone might text something and the other person can take it completey the wrong way because they can't hear the tone they r using and another is all the forwarding texts .. i could go on forever. I know my child had their phone taken away for a week or two and thay were about ready to nuts because no one calls each other anymore!!


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