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Has anyone else noticed?

Okay, before I say anything else, I will say this...IF YOU WANT A DOG, THEN WHY NOT MAKE IT A PART OF THE FAMILY AND NOT AN OBJECT TO LEAVE OUTSIDE???? I speak of the dog that lays (constantly) in the doorway of what used to be the Yacht Club on Main Street. It looks to be a Black Lab type dog that was rolled in a ball as to keep warm in this horrible weather..Too many times people get an animal on a snap decision or take it b/c their child wants a puppy..If you do this, make the commitment and if you cannot make that life long commitmet to this animal, then do NOT get one. Too many end up as this dog does or in far worse conditions.. I now offer the opening for conversation to the owner of this dog..would love to see what their side of this story is. Thank you...


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