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Put Your Foot Down...Speedway Rip Off!

I wouldn't even spend my time on this post, but this kind of thing happens all the time at Speedway Gas... The other day I go into the store to grab a refreshment. I notice their Monster beverages were on sale 2 drinks for $5.00. I then notice the individual cost of these drinks: $2.39. I grab one and take it to the counter. The worker begins to ring my beverage up and I tell her that there is a problem with the sale as I can buy two indivuals drinks for $4.78. I brought this to the worker's attention in the hope that she would say something to the effect of "Oh, I'll tell my manager". Instead, she tells me that she "just works here". Is this Speedway's attempt at ripping off a population that they assume may have poor math skills? Even if this is a simple mistake wouldn't it make sense to correct the mistake as soon as possible? Also, snuff users, check the expiration date of the product as you may end up with 2 year old dip and will be stuck with s


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