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Oil & Gas Drilling Destruction

If you enjoy going to Oglebay Park, I suggest you get in a few visits before the drilling starts. You have only to drive through the Silver Hill area of Wetzel County to see the devastation about to be visited upon the park. Next Xmas you will be seeing drilling rig lights instead of the displays you are used to seeing. It will be interesting to see how their roads handle over 100 oversize trucks a day and that doesn't count the hundreds of water trucks, and I wonder who will fix them, CHK or the DOH. In Silverhill the resident are told to call CHK as the DOH can't handle the repairs. I wonder why the tax moneys being generated from all this drilling isn't being used to fix our roads. I'm told it goes into the general fund, which we all know means their pockets. But if you want a preview of what the park will soon look like, please take a drive through Silver Hill, and please drive carefully.


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