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2541 days ago.
by docjustice

Brooklyn Section

There must be something done to clean up the Brooklyn section of town. The town or the county must step in. Apparently the people are unable or unwilling to keep up the neighborhood. There is no shame in being on the lower end of the socio-economic spectrum. The shame is "your place looks like a dump". It wasn't always in the poor state of repair that it's in now. How would we like "that area" as a postcard for for town? It has to stop. Is there anything that can be done?


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My thoughts.. you are right. Brooklyn was always working class. Now it looks like a bum camp.. so sad

Posted 2541 days ago.


Before or after they take away their guns? As much as you may not like the look of their property, they have the right to do nothing about it.

Posted 2543 days ago.


It's not just Brooklyn, it's a statewide problem and it's a shame because it distracts from the beauty of the state of West Virginia.

There really needs to be statewide/countywide codes that can correct this problem then landowners should be MADE to comply.

Posted 2547 days ago.


Spring clean up?? I don't see it happening .. ever!

Posted 2555 days ago.

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