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Too cold outside for pets!

I cannot believe, with people being made aware on a constant basis, that there are still those who feel they are justified leaving a pet outside to fend for itself in this cold, frigid weather! There a few of those that don't provide even the most minimal amount of protection for their pet they "supposedly" care about. No shelter, no food, no water. Is this acceptable to you? Maybe we should start putting these abusive people in the same situation as they put their "Pet". Take a ride by some of the places on Capital or many places in/around New Martinsville. Freezing dogs suffering a horrific fate at the expense of their owner's ignorance and complete lack of care. If you see a dog or cat that is not being treated/cared for properly, call and continue to call your local police/sheriff. Eventually, they may get tired of hearing from you and will do something about this real problem in and around New Martinsville! Animals feel pain/suffer just like we do!!!


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