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Inept Plowing people

I am writing on here to share my disgust at how some people are hired to do a job of plowing, but when they actually come, they don't have a spreader for sand or salt or even cinders? Of course, being a paid job by a private group, they(the group) should just get rid of this guy and locate someone who has ALL of the right equipment to do porper plowing. I live on a hill that, if done as it is now (just plowed) turns into sheer ice and being that it is about a 30 degree grade with a few turns, makes it quite the challenge to manage. I have gone down it today and found that in many places, it is ice and no snow over it. You take your life in your own hands every time you drive this hill and honestly, I cannot wait to move off of this hill and on more flat ground. I just thought I would state my complaint here since no one who can do something about this problem, will?!


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