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Juvenile Justice System and CPS

It has come to my attention over the past few years that Child Protective Services is taking children from good families who have children that can be "marketable" for adoption and returning children who have been abused and neglected back to their families. It seems that they are driven to do this by the large incentives that the federal government provides the state for a quota of children they must have in foster care. The correct term is Title IV-E funding. The Juvenile Justice System condones this b/c it brings money into our state. In 2008, there was more money spent on state paid attorneys in CPS cases then there were in felony cases!! I was curious to know if there are any families who you know that have had to deal with false allegations and corruption of CPS workers in this county and surrounding counties? Please share you stories and let others know if your family has been ripped apart by a system that was incorporated to protect families, not destroy them!


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