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106 days ago.
by danger23
Wetzel County Hospital

Posts: 9 - What is wrong at Wetzel County Hospital. Over the last few years, more and more of the better nurses and staff have left and no changes to the problems have been made to retain people.

245 days ago.
by caraleeann10
Juvenile Justice System and CPS

Posts: 1 - It has come to my attention over the past few years that Child Protective Services is taking children from good families who have children that can be "marketable" for adoption and...

245 days ago.
by caraleeann10
Who is the new Blue Eagles football coach?

Posts: 2 - Folks, I'm surprised there's been no buzz about the new football coach for MHS. Who is he? Thanks for any help anyone may provide!

331 days ago.
by batman
New Furnace and Air Conditioning Installation

Posts: 4 - Can anyone recommend a contractor to install and Service a new furnace and air-conditioning unit in the NM area? Did they install it right? Did you have problems soon after or several years...

351 days ago.
by moodus
The WC Animal Shelter is a Sham

Posts: 5 - My husband and I recently submitted an application to adopt a pet from the Wetzel County Animal Shelter. From beginning to end the experience was a total disaster.

502 days ago.
by BlueRanger
Thoughts on Home Schooling

Posts: 14 - What is everyones thoughts on home Schooling? with help of tutors or without.

524 days ago.
by FormerValleyGirl
Concerned about safety

Posts: 1 - I went through the Moundsville penitentiary haunted house for the first time ever. had my 12 year old with me.

536 days ago.
by Pandora
Some Common Courtesy on the Roadway?

Posts: 4 - Ever try to enter Route 2 at 7:45 a.m. ? Just south of the elementary drivers have brake lights on front of them and very few will let you out onto the road.

538 days ago.
by WVMOM21
Ormet Opinions

Posts: 1 - What are your thoughts on the Ormet ruling? Disregarding the affect the ruling will have on our community and local economy, should Ormet have been given what they asked for, or were they out of...

650 days ago.
by WCReporterLauren
Comments to "Letters to the Editor"

Posts: 1 - Since when does this newspaper allow anonymous comments the “letters to the editor”? A person may write a legitimate letter expressing their own opinions with their names publishe.

659 days ago.
by FormerWildcat
What Job Boards Are Used?

Posts: 1 - I'm looking to move back to the area. What job boards do companies use most often? Or do they advertisements in the paper or their own web sites? Any advisement would be appreciated.

707 days ago.
by docjustice
Brooklyn Section

Posts: 4 - There must be something done to clean up the Brooklyn section of town. The town or the county must step in. Apparently the people are unable or unwilling to keep up the neighborhood.

719 days ago.
by Pandora

Posts: 9 - Does this town need a golf course ?It doesn't have proper playgrounds or business's to allow kids to get off the streets away from drugs and alcohol like a chuckie cheese or skatepark or a arcade...

724 days ago.
by MyThoughtsOnThisSubject
Gun Control

Posts: 14 - What stance do you take in the gun control debate? Would new gun-control laws affect you? If you wouldn’t mind commenting and elaborating, your remarks could be printed in a future issue of the...

724 days ago.
by MyThoughtsOnThisSubject
Hey, Who Is Sticking Up for the Main Street Trees?

Posts: 4 - As a child everyone is exposed to the story of George Washington and the cherry tree. It is debatable if Washington really did deliver the fatal blow to his father's beloved tre.

749 days ago.
by Pandora
Where did the trees go on Main Street?

Posts: 1 - I noticed recently that all the trees planted along Main Street in downtown New Martinsville have been removed! My question is, who made the decision to cut the trees down and why?

756 days ago.
by Pandora
"Famous" Wetzel Countian embellishes a little???

Posts: 7 - If you have a little extra time on your hands get on youtube and type in "Korrina Rico interviews Kristen Myers.

790 days ago.
by FormerValleyGirl
Does difference matter?

Posts: 3 - Does anyone know the difference in maid and made; there, their and they're; know and no; you're and your, etc????? Spell check is a wonderful asset to a word processor but it does not check...

839 days ago.
by NotEvenClose
Breaking into homes with it occupied?

Posts: 0 - The desperation that it takes to have no fear of knowing...KNOWING someone is home and you are still willing to break in to steal whatever it is (usually money…for drugs)is quite unnerving to m.

848 days ago.
by realworld
Anyone know what is going on across from Walmart on Rt. 2?

Posts: 0 - Anyone know what is going on across from Walmart on Rt. 2? Seen some construction equipment there and seen they were tearing out all the trees and looks like tearing down those old rental houses.