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3110 days ago.
by cleanhouseattheboardoffice
New Martinsville Elementry Parking

Posts: 0 - im a parent and I pickup my child everyday from new martinsville Elementry and it seems like everyday is a fight to just park.

3126 days ago.
by johnbarleycorn

Posts: 0 - It's time to fess up about Wetzel County Hospital and health care in Wetzel County in general.

3126 days ago.
by NotEvenClose
Thank You Drillers

Posts: 0 - Last week a truck spills who knows what on Rt. 2. Then ANOTHER truck loses control coming down Brock Ridge & careems out of control across Rt. 7.

Gas Prices !

Posts: 0 - Can anyone give me a reasonable explanation for the .20 to .

Christmas music on WRSG

Posts: 0 - Folks, 91.5 FM, WRSG will begin its Christmas programming at 12 a.m. this Friday-yep, BLACK FRIDAY. "Sounds of the Season" will fill the air from 12 a.m. until at least 5 p.m.

Wetzel Chronicle "Polls" section

Posts: 0 - I like the new feature with the "Polls" section but the same old questions are getting old.

3175 days ago.
by dolphin3111
Motorists Running School Bus Lights!

Posts: 0 - To the arrogant people running my lights on North State RT.2. I know getting to work is more important than running over several children while they wait to be picked up by the school bus.

3175 days ago.
by rese087
paden city pottery company

Posts: 0 - hi, i am looking for information on the paden city pottery company. i bought some bowls at a yard sale but i can't identify the pattern. can anyone help? thank you

3176 days ago.
by Morningstar
Girls Gone Wild at Tyler County Speedway

Posts: 0 - Did you all know that the Girls Gone Wild bus was out at the Tyler County Speedway? Saw an article on Facebook someone posted this morning.

3184 days ago.
by keepinemstraight
New Martinsville Gas Prices

Posts: 0 - Has anyone else noticed the gas prices in this area are consistently 20 to 30 cents a gallon higher than even as close as Moundsville, St Marys and Morgantown? I travel anywhere from 900 to 1000...

3191 days ago.
by robobugs
Wetzel County Youths

Posts: 0 - Following OT lead, lets use this topic to find POSITIVE solutions to provide entertainment to the youth of Wetzel County. The parks are nice but under appreciated due to a changing society.

3198 days ago.
by hillybillyboots
SInce the Economy is bad should crime be ignored?

Posts: 0 - How can it be when a person (s) harvests Marijuana in open site with young children present, not to be charged with felony counts? Recently, being present during such an incident, the law...

3210 days ago.
by fromafar
2.8 SQ MILES Please read .

Posts: 0 - there is an open council meeting friday Aug 5 at please if u have questions about or have comment about drilling in 2.

3221 days ago.
by FormerWildcat
Remembering 9/11--What Will You Do?

Posts: 0 - It is said everyone remembers exactly what they were doing when they heard about the terrorist attack on 9/11. What were you doing, and do you you plan any special remembrance on Sept.

3255 days ago.
by NotEvenClose
govt's waste of money

Posts: 0 - i saw a sign at the high school all summer that any children under 21, or maybe it was 18 as i read it quickliy in passing everyday could receive a free breakfast every morning...

3257 days ago.
by Chad78K
Viking Glass

Posts: 0 - Collector looking for Viking Glass for sale. If anyone has any Viking Glass for sale please leave a comment. Thank you

3258 days ago.
by poohbear
What happen to wetzel county?????

Posts: 0 - I have lived in wetzel county all my life. I'm so disappointed in the sheriffs department. I talked with a lady that is going threw h**.

3260 days ago.
by oldlady
Supporting New Industry in New Martinsville

Posts: 0 - It is important for any who wish to voice opinion about the ban on drilling, etc. in the New Martinsville city limits to attend the Aug. 1 meeting of the NM City Council at 7 p.m.

3260 days ago.
by oldlady

Posts: 0 - anyone on here want to take a stab at what kind of sentence any of these (presumed innocent) drug dealers get? and $20,000 thou bail? are you kidding? oh, i forgot, it was just herion.

3270 days ago.
by oldlady
former county prosecuting attorney. ugh

Posts: 0 - please let me vent as i just saw our former (thank heaven for that) county prosecuting attorney is visiting our good town.