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4071 days ago.
by FormerValleyGirl
Spiritual Bookstore?

Posts: 0 - Hello all! I was curious to know if there is a need for a Spiritual Bookstore around this area? Included in the store might be items such as various books on different religions, herbs, gemstones...

4078 days ago.
by OhioRiverWV
Youth Sports

Posts: 0 - We are new to area and have a 4 1/2 yr old. Are there any programs (soccer or baseball or something) for the young kids this summer? Thanks!!

4097 days ago.
by Catkins
what is news?

Posts: 0 - why must we find out from the big city newspaper (wheeling) whats going on in our neck of the woods? when we have minions of satan taking money from old folks.

4101 days ago.
by FormerValleyGirl
Memories- Growing Up In New Martinsville

Posts: 0 - Anyone with memories about home that you would like to share? Post'em here...

4113 days ago.
by Shortliner
Trying to find someone

Posts: 0 - Hi there. I'm trying to locate any information on a guy named Roger Lee Duket II.

4113 days ago.
by FormerValleyGirl
Looking to rent furnished home

Posts: 0 - Will be working in the areas of littleton,cameron,I will be in the area on a gas survey job,and seeking a nice clean place,I prefer a home instead of a motel.

4115 days ago.
by FormerValleyGirl
Harlan Cmetery

Posts: 0 - I have been asked to find some information at the Harlan Cemetery near Newdale. Can anyone help me with directions? Who would I contact about permission to photograph?

4120 days ago.
by docjustice
Is there anyone out there who is real?

Posts: 0 - It would be soooo nice to chat with real people about real things instad of this same moron posting to himself all the time.

4120 days ago.
by holymoly
american sunset

Posts: 0 - the banking industry being taken over by the government! the auto industry being subsidized by the government! house after house being forclosed upon. jobs, going going gone.

4124 days ago.
by catlover
I am very upset today

Posts: 0 - I can't click onto, and read Amy's columns or editorials.

4138 days ago.
by mountainmeemaw
Message Board Bans

Posts: 0 - It is sad to see the bans and attitudes toward people with outspoken and opposing opinions. Closed mindedness is a symptom of fear; fear of change or fear of conflict.

4141 days ago.
by FormerValleyGirl

Posts: 0 - i would like to see the obituaries back . that way i can keep up with the people i know from new martinsville. i also liked the other way instead of the now look

4148 days ago.
by sassylynn
Ignore The LOSER!

Posts: 0 - People, as you have noticed, the person going by the name of Patterson, as well, I suspect, of mountainmeemaw, has been an ugly thorn in people's sides in these pages.

4149 days ago.
by sassylynn
Railroad Returning?

Posts: 0 - I have read unconfirmed reports concerning the rebuilding of the railroad from Mannington to Littleto.

4158 days ago.
by mountainmeemaw
If you were the judge.........

Posts: 0 - if you were the judge in an embezzelment case. here are the facts: a lady, say in her 60's lends a "helping hand" to old folks in thier 80's.

4159 days ago.
by mountainmeemaw
Parlor City?

Posts: 0 - jake forbes must be turning over in his grave. the old time chronicle writer often wrote about new martinsville being a "parlor city" meaning clean,tidy well laid out etc.

4161 days ago.
by Patterson
Anywhere to stay?

Posts: 0 - Me my wife and 2 kids are coming up to littleton to visit her family in about a week or 2 and we are needing somewhere to stay are there any hotels,motels, bed and breakfasts anything like that wher...

4161 days ago.
by Patterson
Your community comments

Posts: 0 - Thanks to all who answered my info question. You all make Wetzel County sound a bit like an end of the world place to b.

4161 days ago.
by Patterson
The (Almost) Anything Thread

Posts: 0 - Can we please enjoy a thread that has a flavor of common sense? This thread is almost unhijackable, anything goes.

4161 days ago.
by Patterson
"Wetzel" Chronicle??

Posts: 0 - I can't help but notice that the Wetzel Chronicle has almost turned into the "New Martinsville" Chronicle.