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3938 days ago.
by FormerValleyGirl
dog barking laws

Posts: 0 - is there dog barking laws?? there is a question that i haven't have a answer to what do people got to do to get peace and quiet around here, call the cops?? hmm yea right they don't reply or do...

3958 days ago.
by CStewart
What is a "Rape Shield"

Posts: 0 - I'm not here to insult anyones intelligence, but to merely try and educate, or bring to light some details that residents of Wetzel County and the surrounding areas are not aware of.

3960 days ago.
by FormerValleyGirl
which side would you choose?

Posts: 0 - if this country could be divided evenly into 2 sections, one section to be run by conservatives, the other section by liberals.... which section would u go to live in?.... and why?


Posts: 0 - This is a RETRACTION to "Need An Attorney Fast" It's over now, and I have enjoyed a Crow Diner! Jeremiah Gardner is a Sleeping Giant! The old addage "don't judge a book by it's...

3969 days ago.
by FormerValleyGirl
Magnolia's band was treated HORRIBLY!

Posts: 0 - I am appalled at the way Magnolia's marching band was treated at the Jamboree lastnight! Those kids practiced for a very long time and were so excited to perform their first field show in public!...

3975 days ago.
by sonofgodinwv
Cell phone usage behind the wheel?

Posts: 0 - I think this topic is pretty self explanatory. Should cell phone usage be banned while driving? Let's have fun with this though. Don't just post "Yes" or "No".

3975 days ago.
by Onlooker
Town & Country Days

Posts: 0 - My family and I went to town and country days yesterday and they charged my 5 year old to get in.

3977 days ago.
by FormerValleyGirl
Should Gay Marriage be banned in WV?

Posts: 0 - This is a topic I read online recently and I would like to see what the Wetzel County Residents have to say about it.

3980 days ago.
by sonofgodinwv
which side would you choose?

Posts: 0 - if this country could be divided evenly into 2 sections, one section to be run by conservatives, the other section by liberals.... which section would u go to live in?.... and why?

3982 days ago.
by sonofgodinwv
McDonald's in New Martinsville

Posts: 0 - Is it just me, or does our local McD's always mess up on people's orders? I don't know about the rest of you, but out of the past 10 times I have driven through our local restaurant, 7 of those...

3982 days ago.
by sonofgodinwv
Insurance Cost for Smokers

Posts: 0 - Obama is woking up plans for decades of debt to re-invent healthcare as we know it.

3988 days ago.
by McCaig
Racial Profiling

Posts: 0 - Thoughts on the Henry Gates issue (a native West Virginian, by the way). Personally, I think this just proves that you can't be a Good Samaritan anymore without someone throwing down the race card.

4002 days ago.
by Banned
Hastings Extraction Plant

Posts: 0 - #1 polluter in Wetzel County and your little kids' unearned punishment: Total Emissions 2,729,444.00 Carbon Monoxide 1,034,780.00 Volatile Organic Compounds 968,980.00 Nitrogen Oxides 664,160.

4006 days ago.
by Onlooker
Need an Attorney FAST!

Posts: 0 - If you have been reading the post "What is a Rape Sheild" I hope that someone can help me out with this request.

4012 days ago.
by FormerValleyGirl
Slow down

Posts: 0 - I just wanted to make a comment to all the residences that drive thru Pine Grove young and old. Please for the sake and safety of our community SLOW DOWN.

police road stops

Posts: 0 - Can somebody please tell me about any of these supposed road blocks occurring this holiday weekend. I find them very intrusive and would like to avoid them if possible

4026 days ago.
by FormerValleyGirl
Journalism Today (the perpetual fix)

Posts: 0 - When I was a little kid there were two Wetzel County newspapers(Wetzel Democrat and Wetzel Republican. Today there is one and it's editorial political views represent the latter, not the former.

4034 days ago.
by chris5050
Out of Towner would like info

Posts: 0 - I am a current resident of Michigan and am thinking of making the move to WV. I have centered in on Wetzel Co. and would like to know what your community is like? I am 54 and my husband is 66.

4036 days ago.
by f15tiger
Rt 2 New Martinsville and Paden City

Posts: 0 - With the increased presence of our local law enforcement. I think they should spend more time near the construction zone on Rt 2, so people will stop running the red light.

4056 days ago.
by WVneedsGOD
Helicopters every day over PC

Posts: 0 - I was just curious if anyone else has noticed the two helicopters every late afternoon or evening daily flying over PC.