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Wetzel Community Board

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3598 days ago.
by CPS1971
Child Safety

Posts: 0 - I think it is funny that animals have to be up-to-date on immunizations. It is the law.

3598 days ago.
by CLHF44
How much is too much??

Posts: 0 - I understand that high school football is big in the valley, but how many points do you have to score to win? What do we teach our children when we push them to run up an excessive score on an...

3598 days ago.
by CLHF44
Does anybody believe in kindness anymore?

Posts: 0 - It is amazing to me how people can be cruel and harrass you and others with no penalty.

3599 days ago.
by wantingjustice2010
Pot hole parking lots

Posts: 0 - Which parking lots has the worse pot holes. Peebles, Riverside Village Plaza or Save a Lot, New Martinsville Plaza. My vote goes for Riverside Village, the pot holes there are huge.

3602 days ago.
by minksnopes
all men were created equal

Posts: 0 - Evidently, many here don't believe that, and, in my opinion, that makes their patriotism suspect.

3606 days ago.
by dolphin3111
can of worms

Posts: 0 - Probably opening a can of worms, but as a churchgoer and a believer of the separation of church and state, how can a public school sponsored cross country event that was held in your area have the...

3607 days ago.
by ketchenl
Magnolia Soccer

Posts: 0 - What is going on with Magnolia Soccer?

3608 days ago.
by happyclyde
Help Me Understand

Posts: 0 - It is my understanding that the Chief of Police is not required to attend a police training academy, is this true?? I believe that many of the posters on the board would have knowledge as to...

3618 days ago.
by keepinemstraight
Is it just me or is there any place good to eat pizza in this town?

Posts: 0 - My son loves Pizza Hut, so we decided to go there for lunch today. After waiting 45 minutes for our pizza all we heard from the waitress and the manager is how busy they were.

3618 days ago.
by localgurl
Dog Thefts

Posts: 0 - Wetzel County Law Enforcement has received some reports of dogs being stolen and resold over the internet.

child advocate, start by being one yourself

Posts: 0 - I said i wouldn't come back, but when a woman says she loves u and changes her mind, she's not lying,she changed her mind. You want child advocates verses dog advocates, be one yourself, I try .

Dog Thefts

Posts: 0 - Wetzel County Law Enforcement has received some reports of dogs being stolen and resold over the internet.

Senior Citizens Scam

Posts: 0 - My office has recently received complaints that someone is contacting social security recipients by phone posing as the Social Security Administration and requesting personal information in an...

3641 days ago.
by hawkeye40
Town and Country Fireworks display

Posts: 0 - I am writing about last night's fireworks at Town and Country Days. Most people don't think about anything beyond how loud and colorful they are. This was the first time they shot them of.

hey Chronicle

Posts: 0 - Its been over a week, and the same "headlines" are shown since last week. Whats the point of being "online" if your not current with the local news.

3645 days ago.
by keepinemstraight
Why people don't join civic groups and clubs

Posts: 0 - People wonder why so many refuse to become involved in civic organizations and maybe they should take a good hard look at who represents thes.

3646 days ago.
by givemeabreak
Pride In Ownership-why hide it?

Posts: 0 - Every Witchey I ever knew was a friendly, decent person, always accountable to the customer, as was Mr. Simon. Today, the store in Pine Grove closely hides the identify of the owners.

3646 days ago.
by givemeabreak
Obesity in Wetzel County

Posts: 0 - I'm a very large person and I see too many like me in the crowd. I think there are too many like me in the area and that's a problem that's never discussed in the paper.

3651 days ago.
by getover
Talking about DOING and being POSITIVE

Posts: 0 - Let's discuss New Martinsville and Wetzel County without complaining and blaming everyone else.

3658 days ago.
by WVChick84
Billboard Adveristment in New Martinsville

Posts: 0 - Why does such a small town allow so many alcohol billboards ? Such an injustice to our childern and youth. Go up and down the Ohio Valley and you will not see this in any other town or city....