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3528 days ago.
by oldlady
Try Something New on Here

Posts: 0 - Let's try something new on this message board for those who have lost interest. Make this thread only about something positive that has happened in the area recently.

3533 days ago.
by oldtimer
Shreve Cem. Archers fork,New Martinsville,Wetzel County

Posts: 0 - As you all can tell Im a Shreve,I just found out that the Shreve that was careing for it can no longer.

3534 days ago.
by oldtimer
cover up

Posts: 0 - Why is when something involves the cheerleading daughters of the new martinsville police chief, wetzel county sheriff, board of education members, deputies and other police it gets no write up in...

3534 days ago.
by CLHF44
Dead horses on Whiteman Hill!

Posts: 0 - Has anyone noticed a woman who was banned (in Ohio) from having anymore animals and she moves to West Virginia only to acquire more horses and now, after getting these animals, they(at least 4-5...

3539 days ago.
by minksnopes
Just an opinion

Posts: 0 - Yea this is my opinion. Everyone has one and if you dont wanna hear it stop readin now. Totally your choice.

3556 days ago.
by minksnopes

Posts: 0 - Are you truly just a miserable person? You never have anything nice to say about anything. You compain about life on the shortline, about the libary, the hope plant, the stores...

3560 days ago.
by sensible
Norris Tire or Norris Salvage Yard?

Posts: 0 - What is going on with Norris Tire on Main St in New Martinsville? I love to see small business thrive, but having what appears to be a salvage yard on Main St looks horrible, not to mention the...


Posts: 0 - Just wondering why the Chronicle can't put the entire obit on the web site? It would be helpful to know more than when people passed away and when they will be buried.

3564 days ago.
by oldlady
Stand Behind Dr. Sekhar

Posts: 0 - Please, for the people on here who support Dr. Sekhar and do not want to lose him, write a letter showing your support for him and take it to WCH before Thursday....make sure and address it to Mr.


Posts: 0 - Could someone please do a grammar check before publishing this newspaper. On the front page, it shows how the basket was "woven" not weaved!

3575 days ago.
by minksnopes
They Burned Albert Schwitzer On Page One

Posts: 0 - The witchhunt by petty administrators and nit-picking lab assistants and, of course, The Wetzel Chronic-cow. And he didn't do a thing wrong.

3580 days ago.
by shaman63
Opinion presented as fact

Posts: 0 - The page Oct. 20 page 4a article on air quality permits was blatantly anti-drilling. I was surprised to see opinions presented as un-substantiated FACT.

3580 days ago.
by keepinemstraight
New Martinsville Traffic

Posts: 0 - Would it be possible for the city to get a traffic engineer, or a kindergarten student, to study traffic flow along Route 2 and make much needed adjustments to traffic signals?

National School Bus safety week

Posts: 0 - It runs through until Oct 22 and the slogan is "Be aware- know the danger zone".

3588 days ago.
by Outraged
WOW! Couldn't the Chronicle used someone more respectable to use a quote from for the Relay For Life Softball Event???????

Posts: 0 - I am shocked the editor of the Wetzel Chronicle would allow the quote of a conviceted Felon to be placed atop the front page of the Sports section. I mean come o.

3590 days ago.
by moodus
Home Rental

Posts: 0 - It seems as if they hard to come buy in the area. Looking for at least a three bedroom in a clean neighborhood. Any help would be appreciated.

3590 days ago.
by moodus
Apartments accepting pets...

Posts: 0 - I give up...there's nothing in Wetzel County at all..there were so few before the Gas and Oil people came in and took the whole county over, and now there is zero places to move...

3597 days ago.
by wantingjustice2010
What about the ducks safety?

Posts: 0 - I think it is funny after all this time of being able to feed the ducks at the pond, you decide that it isn't good for them anymore. I think that this action is going to cause more harm than go.

3597 days ago.
by growup

Posts: 0 - I think we should all thank CHESAPEAKE for supplying the New Martinsville Police Department with all the PITTSBURGH PIRATE TICKETS for last Sundays's game at PNC PARK.... A Huge CARAVAN of OFFICERS.

3597 days ago.
by keepinemstraight
Cat Leash Law

Posts: 0 - How many of you cat lovers are aware that there is a leash law in effect for Wetzel County pet owners? I did some research. I am amazed at how many people don't know about i.