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Robert and Helen Miller: A Real Life Love Story

February 13, 2019

Robert "Bob" and Helen Miller recently celebrated 60 years of marriage. The Millers, from the New Martinsville area, courted for four years before marriage. Upon marrying, the Millers' honeymoon was cut short due to the fact Robert, who was in the military, shipped out for Germany the very next day. The Millers had discussed marriage for a couple of years prior and decided to wed before Robert's departure. It was noted Robert left for Germany around Christmastime and was able to return home about a year later.

The Millers did not have a house when first married; as Robert explained, both he and Helen came from poor families. However, Robert's grandmother moved in with Robert's sister and let the newlyweds have the house she was renting for two weeks while Robert was home on leave. He then had to return to Germany and stayed for a little over a year. His bride Helen went to be with him this time until he as able to return home, about a month later.

Robert explained he was in the military for more than the first six years of his and Helen's marriage. The Millers traveled to areas in the United States, such as Columbus and Pittsburgh, when Robert was stationed in security. Robert then ended up in Korea and was gone for a little more than a year. Helen explained it was difficult for her, as it is for military wives now, caring for the kids without the help of her husband. The Millers were married about three years when they had their first child. The goal was to wait until Robert was able to be home with his family, but as it is with life, it didn't work out that way. Instead, Robert's daughter was born while he was in Korea. Robert said he feels the situation was harder for him than it was for Helen. However, Helen was able to live with her mother while Robert was in Korea.

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Robert “Bob” and Helen Miller, during the early years of their marriage.

Robert explained he wouldn't have gone back for a second tour, but there was no work available otherwise. He felt his military service was necessary to support his family. However, when he returned home, he was a police officer in New Martinsville for a while, and then he was offered a job by C&P Telephone Company. He was with that company for six years. Robert explained he had more choices when he returned home, due to his security background. He ended up working for Mobay, later known as Bayer. When he wasn't working a lot, he did work as a private investigator.

Helen's advice for couples who have arguments or troubles is to look to the Millers, because they've had them all. However, they stayed true to one another. Robert agrees. "If things get rough sometimes, just hang in there, and let your love for each other pull you through."

Robert and Helen both agreed that the two factors that has seen them through the 60 years, with all of the ups and downs, was their love for each other and their faith in God.

Notably, the interview with the Millers was conducted over the phone, due to sickness. Robert noted it is times like this that he's glad he and Helen have each other. She helped him when he was down, and now he's helping her. "That's the way it works," Robert said.



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