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Angel With One Wing: Part 4

December 26, 2018

In Jimmy's mind he was in a place he did not recognize. His pain had lessened and no longer consumed his thoughts. The mountainside where he was lost, last night, now seemed far away. He felt at ease as the new day's sun shone on his face. In the light he saw Emma. She looked differently than he remembered only moments before. She now seemed matured and confident.

"Emma, where am I?" He turned his head and strained to look over his shoulder. "Can't be heaven. I don't have wings."

Emma smiled as she took his hands. "You don't have wings, because you're not an angel."

Jimmy was puzzled for a moment as he looked around this strange place. "Well, if I am not an angel what am I?"

Emma smiled as she moved her hands and the mist below them parted, "You are a soldier Jimmy Hatfield; it is time to go home to the ones you love."

Jimmy looked at Emma and asked, "Are you okay? I know I can't do much to help an angel, but I owe you one. Not sure what all you did, but I know it was important and you helped me find my way out of my darkness."

Emma smiled, "You have already given me my sense of being. Before you asked for my help I could not find my way. I had looked so hard for so long and couldn't find the answers. But your words came into my heart and awakened me to my purpose."

Emma seemed to fade away from Jimmy's reality as she said, "Remember, if you ever need me, I will always be there for you. You must believe and know you have a purpose in life to fulfill. You will become a teacher of children who need to find answers. You must go into their darkness and teach them the light of education. For now though, it is time for you to go home."

Jimmy's consciousness began to fade as he looked one more time at Emma's smiling face and freckled nose.

From somewhere in the fog of his mind he began to hear a familiar voice saying, "Jimmy wake up. You have to wake up." He could hear the words but he struggled to understand them.

"Private Jimmy Hatfield! You open your eyes and look at me. Son, please open your eyes." He felt himself returning to reality as he opened his eyes. He looked up at his mom and dad. They began to cry when he smiled at them. Still trying to focus his eyes, he looked around the room; he could tell he was in a hospital.

Not yet understanding his situation he asked, "What are you two doing in Afghanistan?"

His Mom took his hand as she said, "Son, you are in Washington, D.C. in a hospital. You have been unconscious for five weeks. There were times when we did not think you would return to us."

Jimmy's dad began to explain, "You were severely injured from a mortar shell that went off near you. The explosion blew you over an embankment into a small ravine down the hillside. The enemy had the high ground, fire power, and drove your patrol back down the valley. The steep hillside prevented support from the air to secure the area. Your buddies regrouped in the dark and came back under fire to find you. The sergeant said it was a miracle they found you that far off the path. One of the other soldiers thought he saw a glow in the darkness that made him look that far down the hillside. With your injuries they could not believe you were able to climb that far up the ravine without help. They never did figure out what made that light on the side of the hill that didn't draw enemy fire."

Jimmy looked down at his leg and could tell it was no longer there. His dad could see the shock in his eyes. "That is the worst of it son. The doctors will help you to get well and by spring you will be back in those woods you love so much. And next fall, you can start on that education you wanted so badly.

Jimmy felt around his neck for the chain his mom had given him with the angel on it. "Son are you looking for this?" She held up the chain with the Angel with one wing. "They gave me your possessions when we arrived here. I found the other wing and I was going to have it repaired when we get back home."

Jimmy held his hand out to his Mom, "I'll just keep it like that; there is room for two angels with only one wing and they both are very special to me. What day is it?"

His parents laughed, "That's right, you don't know; it's Christmas Day. Your return along with all the other men and women who served our country makes this a special day."

Jimmy remembered that night on the mountain when, for some reason, he believed it was Christmas. It must have given him some comfort thinking about home and family. Then he remembered the little red haired angel who helped him find hope in that place far from home. He remembered the promise he made to Emma, "I will become a teacher and help kids from mountain homes find hope and light in the world."

Angels are with us each day, and when we need a little hope, all we have to do is ask. At this special time of the year, remember the thousands of men and women who wear the uniform of our country and are away from home and families this Christmas. Have hope that the angels will protect those that protect us. Also remember the good in the world, and have a little faith that when the night seems the darkest, you can ask an angel for a little help. Who knows, she might have red hair, one wing and goes by the name Emma as she looked Through the Lens.



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