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Commission Donates Funding To Hundred Volunteer Fire Department

November 28, 2018

The Wetzel County Commission held a meeting on Tuesday, Nov. 20 to discuss various matters throughout the county. Keith Williams, chief of the Hundred Volunteer Fire Department, addressed the commission regarding first responder equipment. He said he was not necessarily wanting new equipment, as he is a thrifty guy who doesn't want to spend a large amount of money. Williams said he was able to find low-cost defibrillators which are rebuilt, remanufactured, and recertified. He said the cost of a new defibrillator is around $20,000 to $30,000, depending on desired attachments. Williams was able to find a device, almost fully equipped, for less than $2,000. The remanufactured device is just a bit different from what a general first responder would use. Williams said he spent hours of research to find a good deal.

Williams said he currently has two devices, which are failing. He said one of the devices needs to be replaced right away. He said he might be able to conduct a fundraiser to help with costs in the future, as the Hundred VFD has previously conducted fundraisers and dinners to try to raise funds. However, Williams noted, any help from the commission would be appreciated. Chief Williams said the VFD has just spent $3,000 for its quarterly insurance, $18,000 for new and required equipment, and funds were spent for other necessities. These expenses have dwindled the department's reserve.

As to the defibrillators, Williams stated WIFI allows information to be sent using the machines, and normally there is an acceptable signal. However, a new cell phone tower in the area would be ideal. Williams said a new tower doesn't look to be a possibility for another year.

Williams said that he wants to get the best and quickest care for the community, and a new defibrillator would allow first responders to get the information to the doctors and hospitals quicker. He said the entry of a code would send the information automatically.

Williams said he has a contact in Morgantown who works on the department's current defibrillators and is certified to do such. Williams said the department's defibrillators, which are failing now, were purchased years ago. The devices are working as AEDs but are starting to fail. The current devices sometimes need the batteries removed and then placed back in the device. Williams said he doesn't want this to happen while the department is giving aid to someone. Although the department has two response vehicles, each needing a defibrillator, Williams said he would be satisfied with one device.

The commission decided to donate the funding for Williams to purchase two of the refurbished defibrillators, at the cost of $1,995 each.

In other matters:

* The commission approved the appointment of Gary Glasscock as the Deputy Director of the Office of Emergency Services.

* The commission approved the invoice for legal services by Casey & Chapman in the amount of $5,401.98.

* The commission approved the invoice for legal services by Snyder & Hassig in the amount of $2,767.50.

* The commission approved for the circuit clerk's office to adopt the Wetzel County Commission's Employee Handbook.



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