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From Joseph J. Morris

May 30, 2018
Wetzel Chronicle

To the Editor:

Some food for thought. Who is washing the dishes?

As a person who believes that everything that happens there must be a reason, I think it is called cause and effect. So being true to my beliefs, I have given this some thought. It seems reasonable to me that the reason for so much rain in the past few years is due to pollution in the atmosphere. The scientists will probably disagree with me on this subject, but this is just my opinion.

Just as we wash our clothes when we get them dirty, Mother Nature washes our atmosphere with rain to get the pollutants from our air. Just think about this. After a rain, doesn't the air smell much cleaner? Just maybe Mother Nature is smarter than our scientists are.

Well, that is just a thought of mine. That thought I would pass along to the readers. Whether it has merit or not, it might just be something to think about while dodging rain drops.

Well, this old malcontent will sign off for now.


Joseph J. Morris



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