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From Joseph J. Morris

March 28, 2018
Wetzel Chronicle

To The Editor,

Just a little food for thought.

Daggone it! Wish they would put something new on this buffet.

I think this Letter to the Editor will go for a chnage of pace. Instead of gripping, I will just ask a couple of questions and hope the young readers may come up with the right answers.

I don't want the young readers to think this is advice; advice is just something you give but never take. Just think of it for what it is - Just a question to ask of yourself.

Why settle for being a slave to the system? When, with just a little effort, you could become the master? Where do you get this power from, to be the master? There is only one way I can think of that seems to work for everyone who goes for it... That is with knowledge! You are one up on the crowd around you when you know something the rest are unaware of.

The only problem is that knowledge doesn't come cheap. You may have to give up watching a ball game on television in order to read a book. So which would you rather be, the master or the slave? It's your choice.

This is an opinion of mine and may not be backed up by facts, but when mankind learned these two words he separated himself from the other primates. Those two words were "why" and "how." Once you learn and apply those two words, you can slip out of the shackles of slavery and become the master.

Joseph J. Morris

New Martinsville



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