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From Robert Lally

March 28, 2018
Wetzel Chronicle

Editor's Note: The following is Part Two of Mr. Robert Lally's letter. Because it was over the word count, Lally agreed we could run it in two parts. Part Two of his letter will run next week:

To The Editor,

What about the international view of the wall? Would America look like the villains for keeping out desperate Mexicans looking for a better life? There is nothing wrong with Mexcians coming over legally. It is the same reason we fence off and guard power plants and hospitals, we do not want illegal activity to harm our important institutions. If we can make an eco-friendly, profitable wall while encouraging legal avenues of immigration, then America can set a positive example for the international community. Meanwhile, we can better protect our nation while keeping the American spirit of freedom alive and well.

To summarize my explanation, I want to describe efforts done by, Chinese activist and artist, Ai Weiwei. Last November, this international figure made a massive art project, called Good Fences Make Good Neighbors, and a documentary describing the dire situations refugees are forced in, and the representation borders have in how a nation thinks. This issue needs to be addressed, but it is more complicated than most realize. We need to be cautious, and think of how to protect ourselves and those desperate people abroad. We should not think of the wall as a simple yes or no. There are many solutions, with many consequences to this issue. Simply ignoring or writing off the problem will not help things. I encourage everyone to take some time and figure out how to keep our borders secure, help immigrants cross the border legally, and keep costs down or even earn a profit from this. Is the current plan for the wall worth anything to anyone? Can we do better?

Robert Lally

Wheeling, W.Va.



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