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From Joseph J. Morris

March 14, 2018
Wetzel Chronicle

To the Editor,

Some food for thought. Everything on this buffet, the government said is bad for me to eat.

Are we being brainwashed by some of our government agencies? Brainwashing is a very simple process. If you are told something enough times, you come to believe it, especially by someone you trust.

I will give some examples. I think that one of the best ways is through the TV. Then there are newspapers, and even billboards can be used, not to mention public schools. Young people are very susceptible and very easily brainwashed.

I will mention a few instances where I am sure brainwashing is being used, or has been. Eggs are bad for you. They are high in cholesterol. Now, eggs aren't really harmful. That cholesterol is the good kind. How many people gave up on eggs, or cut back?

Let's now look at our armed conflict with other countries, since the Civil War. The Civil War can also be included, having been introduced by false flags, except for the Korean War, which was called a police action.

Vietnam is a classic example of a false flag. The Gulf of Tonkin never happened. Even the first president Bush grinned when he told the American people that the Gulf of Tonkin never happened.

Another biggie is cigarettes, which is still ongoing. They have blamed them for everything, cancer to heart attacks. But again, there must be good carcinogens, as well as bad ones, like good and bad cholesterol, because automobile exhausts are never mentioned, and they have almost the same carcinogens.

So are the American people being brainwashed by government? I think you know my answer. What do you think?


Joseph J. Morris

New Martinsville



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