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From Earl W. Smith

December 13, 2017
Wetzel Chronicle

To The Editor,

I have lived in New Martinsville for nearly 41 years, and the road rage and other traffic problems, within the city limits, have become worse.

People don't seem concerned, but I am outraged. The latest incident I encountered occurred on Dec. 7. My wife and I were returning home from a funeral and, as we were heading south - down Main St. in front of the Post Office - a young man stepped out of his truck in front of my car. I had to blow my horn to get his attention.

Of course he totally ignored me and then pulled a small child out of the back seat, in front of my wife's car. She then nearly hit a lady who stepped into the street by the post office. She went on down the street, and a car pulled out of the drive thru at Wesbanco, nearly hitting her.

These are everyday occurrences in New Martinsville, especially on Main Street. People have little respect for the laws as they use their cell phones, ignore traffic signs, speed, and step out of their vehicles without looking.

I am very upset at what happened, and I called the New Martinsville Police Department. I was told they were too busy chasing a person who they knew had broken into three churches.

This known church robber, I am sure, could do more damage or injury than a car running over a wayward child being pulled out into Main Street by a stupid disrespectful person.

I know our police force is short handed, which is the city council's fault. But, look around the city. I live in the last house on South Main Street, and I hardly ever see a police car during the day. At night, my good friend Sgt. Don Larson protects me.

I often watch the stop sign by the old feed store and South Main Street. If 50 cars come to the stop sign, at least 40 will run thru without stopping. Most of them will be talking on their cell-phone or texting. They don't care because they know there will not be a policeman to stop them. It might be New Martinsville just does not care about right from wrong.

For everyone who does care, please attend the January council meeting. If the city cannot help, we can bring in the county or state government. I look forward to your assistance.


Earl W. Smith



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