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From Joseph J. Morris

November 15, 2017
Wetzel Chronicle

To The Editor,

Some food for thought. I think I will check out the menu. There doesn't seem to be anything on the buffet I like.

I know that my letters may offend some, but I hold no tree in the forest sacred, and I may carve my initials and date on any one of them. So if I haven't offended you yet, your time may come. I would hate to leave anyone out. So let's see what I can find to gripe about today.

I see the government has opened some of the sealed documents on the JKF assassination, but I haven't read any of the report yet. I think that I will look at it at a later date and see if it backs up the Warren Commission report and still makes Oswald the sacrificial goat they have had since 1963 to make a rock solid case.

As an ex-Marine, I can tell you that the job Oswald had in the Marines was not a job for someone with a 40 IQ, and it was a perfect place to recruit government agents for either the CIA or FBI. That is one reason that never rang true to me, that he went to Russia for the reason he was accused. Dead men tell no tales and have a lot harder time defending themselves.

Well, enough on Oswald. Let's look for the reason behind the assassination. My take on it, is that killing JFK was just a tool to get rid of Bobby! Bobby was the power behind JFK. So when JFK was assassinated, Bobby lost his power. With Johnson as president, everything was cool for a while. Then Bobby got in the running for president. The powers-that-be couldn't let that happen. They knew that Bobby would be a shoo-in, no matter who ran against him, so goodbye Bobby!

Can the powers-that-be, let out the truth behind the JFK assassination? I think not.

Well that's all for now. This old malcontent will sign off.


Joseph J. Morris

New Martinsville, W.Va.



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