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First Responders Continue To Promote Public Safety

May 13, 2015
Wetzel Chronicle

Officers in Wetzel County have gone above and beyond to promote safety in our local community. Just before the local proms, first responders showed students, who would be attending prom in just several days, the dangers of drinking and driving.

These dedicated men and women that serve as police officers, EMS and firefighters gave the students the full treatment with sobriety test, sirens and a first-hand experience of what a car accident looks like. A scene like this could not come at a better time. Giving these students an idea of the aftermath a few drinks could do should be more than an eye opener for the participants and the student body.

Events like this should be done. Many never know or think what can happen when he or she have a few drinks and get behind the wheel. Many never think of the lives he or she could lose or take, by drinking and driving.

At the same time, if it wasn't for the keen eye of Detective Donnie Harris, a canine unit for New Martinsville, who discovered four stamp bags of heroin at the 7-11 while filling up his car with gas, who know what could have happened. These tiny packets, which were posted on Facebook, looked like small packets of sugar that could be found at any restaurant. This deadly drug could have fell into anyone's hands, from a small child to someone trying to clean up, not knowing what the true contents, could have caused serious harm.

These men and women who serve the county have and continue to go above and beyond to bring safety and awareness to everyone in the county.



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