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A Wonderful Program

February 4, 2015
Wetzel Chronicle

Energy Express is a wonderful program, and we are glad of its return to Wetzel County.

While the prospect of a summer vacation excites most of us, we can't help but think of those whose lives are perhaps bleaker during the warmer and sunnier months without school.

Perhaps there are those who do not receive a proper meal outside of the school building's walls. Perhaps there are those who, outside of the classroom, do not receive the care and respect for their well-being that their teachers give them.

School can be a safe haven for many kids, and Energy Express makes it possible for those kids to be in that safe haven for an additional six weeks of the year.

Also, the social benefits from the program, through both the teaching, community interaction, and family-style meals may be lessons the attendees will not get anywhere else.

In addition to the benefits to the children, the way the program will enhance the mentors is also invaluable. Young people who are perhaps considering or studying for a career in education can get the opportunity to experience a taste of the classroom through Energy Express. They can see the light in a child's eyes as she learns a new word or concept. They can feel the warmth from a smile on the face of a child who is happy to go to school during the summer.

We are grateful to Mollie Toppe and Shane Highley for their collaborative effort in this endeavor, for their investment into a worthy program and an investment into a safe and healthy summer for many children.



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