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Respecting The Badge

December 24, 2014
Wetzel Chronicle

Recent events in this country have been quite troubling. Whenever those who are in place to protect the citizens and see to keeping order in our society are threatened and attacked, it almost seems like hope for society is lost.

But when reading or watching national news, we must remember that those incidents that are being shown, while horrible, are not the norm.

Most people still respect the badge and appreciate their service. As children are often told-there is no reason to fear a police officer as long as you aren't doing anything wrong; they are there to help you.

We believe that needs to be repeated often. It is true. They help our society in so many ways. They are not to be feared or treated badly-and certainly not to be injured.

We believe most of the citizens in our area ascribe to this thinking and offer support--both in tangible and intangible ways. We hope and pray that the violent tide that seems to be rising in this country will subside, that our society will only be the stronger for it. We believe adversity can bring strength. In the meantime, we pray for safety.



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