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Meth = Death

October 29, 2014
Wetzel Chronicle

It may sound trite or silly, but the saying is true.

Not only can the all-too-popular drug methamphetamine mean a physical death to a user, but it can bring death in so many other ways as well.

It can cause the death of a family or relationships. It can be the death of a person's individuality-their spirit, if you will. It can be the financial death of a person. Meth can equal the death of a person's job, employability, and livelihood.

It can even bring the physical death of innocent bystanders if they come in contact with the toxic mess of a meth lab.

And perhaps most importantly to us all-it can be the death of a community, a society as a whole. It has to be stopped, some way, some how. We thank our local law enforcement officials for their work this week in the war against drugs and we also recognize the emergency responders who stood at the ready in case the suspected meth lab became a physical danger to those around it.



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