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From Thomas E. Trader Sr.

August 20, 2014
Wetzel Chronicle

To the Editor:

I would like to make a comment about the seven-point buck (tame deer) that the wildlife shot in Clarington, Ohio.

How can they legally shoot the deer? The deer never hurt anyone. I petted it one day and it never tried to do any harm to me. There was a girl there that evening and it never did any harm to her. In fact, when she started jogging, the deer ran beside her and stopped when she did and walked over to her and wanted petted. I think it was very inhumane to shoot the deer for no reason.

If we, as hunters or anyone else, would shoot a deer out of season, or an illegal deer, we would be paying a huge fine or jail time. Also, if someone would shoot a deer just for food out of season because maybe they could not afford food, they would still be in trouble and pay a fine.

This was very inhumane and should be dealt with accordingly. We have a dog problem in Paden City and cannot get anything done about it. Even after an attack on a person and dog. But if someone would shoot any dog, the person that shot it would get in trouble, even for protection.

So what is the reason for shooting a deer that never attacked anyone? They should have just taken it out far somewhere or got a zoo to take it. Ohio has all the management areas there that they could have taken it. It is a shame that this tame deer had to die for no reason.

God Bless,

Thomas E. Trader Sr.

Paden City



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