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From Patty Cooper

July 9, 2014
Wetzel Chronicle

To the Editor:

This weekend we celebrate the 238th birthday of the document declaring us a sovereign nation with the right to life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness. Yet we deny those very same rights each and everyday to 3,228 ( one every 27 seconds) of the tiniest and most vulnerable of American citizens-56 million and counting since 1973.

I am continually amazed at the majority of American citizens who are incredibly uninformed about what is happening to our way of life in this country! The Supreme Court ruled yesterday that owning a company shouldn't mean losing their religious rights. A closely held company (90 percent of US companies) can opt out paying for four of 20 birth control options-meaning they still pay for the other 16 offered by Obamacare. Those four drugs destroy a life already created in the womb. Women can still opt to kill this unborn infant by paying for it themselves. Women are also free to work for another company that will pay for them to destroy their unborn child. Women can go to Planned Parenthood which receives $500 million tax dollars each year for drugs to kill their unborn baby or perform an abortion all nine months of pregnancy.

Obama says women should make personal healthcare decisions, yet his signature legislation forces Obamacare on every American from cradle to grave. Nancy Pelosi says corporations will now pick and choose which laws to obey. Senator Reid says employers have no business' intruding into women's private healthcare decisions. And the government does? What do these three leaders have in common-the Democrat Party, who tried to take God out of their platform at the last National Convention! Make no mistake! Like it or not! Believe it or not! We will all answer to Almighty God-the creator of all life sooner or later!

For those of you who believe NOW-the National Organization for (some) Women-who is claiming gender bigotry of the High Court will keep women from basic medical care and the Republicans "war on women", move to India where honor killings by fathers are permitted, or to China's one child per family policy, or to Middle East to live under Sharia law.

The Hobby Lobby Decision was 5 to 4, so it is imperative to vote Republican this fall to maintain a majority in the House and take the Senate so Obama cannot appoint another liberal judge to the Supreme Court or America will surely be lost forever!

Those who stand for nothing, will fall for anything."

Patty Cooper




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