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From Warren Wade

January 22, 2014
Wetzel Chronicle

Hello once again from St. Marys Correctional Center.

The program I'm participating on here at St. Marys is the Residential Substance Abuse Treatment (RSAT).

One of the concepts we are taught is, listen to the message, not the messenger. What that means to me is, even if I don't like the source the message is coming from, it may be the truth and what I need to hear.

I've said it before and I'll say it again. I have met a lot of people in here who are quite intelligent. But then again, I have also met some who aren't smart enough to tie their own shoes. Why or how people allow themselves to become addicts with all the information and education that's out there on substance abuse is beyond me. I don't remember that kind of information on alcohol when I was young. The sad part about it is, some of the people I've met don't even want to quit using, or even care if they do. Some tell themselves and others, they can't stop as an excuse to continue abusing drugs.

We have to be stronger than an addiction. All is takes is a little courage and will-power. The education and tools are out there. All a person needs is a desire to want to stop using.

When it comes to addiction, we have no one to blame but ourselves. The counselor on this program said it best, drugs didn't chase us down the street. We chased it.

As I think back on my addiction to alcohol, I believe I can honestly say it has finally run its course and I won't be haunted by it again. I think getting older is a big reason, but the fact that I'm tired of wasting something as precious as freedom and life on it is by far the biggest.

I will continue to work this program and learn all I can, also passing along any information I may get, in hopes of helping someone else along the way.

I pray anyone who may read this, and has never experimented with drugs or alcohol, and may have a chance to, really think about what your life may be like if you were strung out on drugs. Will I turn into an addict or alcoholic just by experimenting? Is that a chance you're willing to take?

Open your eyes and ears. You will learn the true consequences of substance abuse.

Chase your dreams, not drugs!


Warren Wade

St. Marys Correctional Center



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